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Flying Disc Collector Catalog

The Kitty Hawk Golf Discs

The Kitty Hawks were manufactured in the 1982-84 timeframe, after the Midnight Flyers. They were first produced by Ben-Wal Plastics and then by the Disc Golf Association (DGA).  I have grouped them into three periods: Ben-Wal, First and Second.

Ben-Wal Period

The Ben-Wal Period Kitty Hawks were made by Ben-Wal Plastics of Van Nuys, California, and are extremely rare. They have the Ben-Wal name on the hotstamp, as well as the Ben-Wal logo on the reverse.


First Period

The First Period discs were made by the Disc Golf Association and feature a multiple black line swirl hotstamp.  Some have the Ben-Wal logo, some have the Disc Golf Association logo and some have no logo on the reverse.

Second Period

The Second Period discs, produced by the DGA, feature an arrow that shows the disc's flight characteristics. Some have the Disc Golf Association logo on the reverse.

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