Flying Disc Collector Catalog
Flying Disc Collector Catalog


On this website, I inventory and classify historical disc golf and Frisbee® flying discs, as a service to fellow collectors.  It is the product of several enthusiasts combining their knowledge of these special discs, and I hope to use feedback from additional collectors to continually improve the catalog.


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Steve Hartwell


September-November, 2014

HDX - many additions and corrections, courtesy of Mike "Hubee" Hughes, John Kirkland and Richard McGuire


October 15

WDGC - Complete through 1989

Frisbie Pie Tins - started


September 8

Kitty Hawk - ready to go

WDGC - Complete through 1987


August 19

WDGC - started World Disc Golf Championship section


July 14

Midnight Flyer - ready to go

Kitty Hawk - progress on Ben-Wal period


July 1

HDX - Added two 41 G discs in Other Molds section


June, 2013

HDX - Fairly complete

Midnight Flyer - Still under construction

Kitty Hawk - Just starting


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